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Contatta streamlines all the ways you connect, communicate and collaborate. So you get more done. Faster than ever.

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Easy-to-manage contact management

Contatta, Italian for “Make Contact,” is the first contact manager with email and collaboration at its core. Contatta stores notes, files, tasks, emails and social feeds for all your contacts so your team can find information faster.

Task management that keeps you on task

Convert any email into a task with just one click. Contatta automatically links the original email to the task, and the task to the contact so you stay organized.

Find any file, fast.

Contatta automatically stores email attachments by contact so you can quickly find the right file, without all the headaches.

Works everywhere

Works everywhere

Access Contatta from your desktop, tablet and smartphone browser.



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Keep contacts, tasks, and emails private or share with your team.

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Teams collaborate better with Contatta.

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