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Think Outside The Inbox

Introducing Contatta: the first reimagining of email in over 20 years—and the world’s only collaborative email.

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Why Collaborative Email?

56k modems. Pagers. Mobile phones the size of a brick. From smartphones to smart homes, all of the technology we use today is a dramatic improvement over anything we used twenty years ago. With one exception—email.

That’s why, just like you, the average worker is spending up to 60% of their day searching for information, collaborating with co-workers and trying to make email do what it was never designed to do: task management, file management and group collaboration.

Figure: 28 hours - searching, collaborating, & emailing. 18.5 hours - actual work.
The Average Workweek

Contatta brings everything together in one place. Brilliant!

— Kim Eslinger, VP Finance & Administration, Customer FX

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What is Collaborative Email?

Collaborative email is email built for the way we work today. No more trying to make your current email do task management, file management and group collaboration. No more being forced to use single-point solutions to accomplish what traditional email can’t.

Contatta is a complete reimagining of what email should be. Shared contacts, tasks, files and collaboration tools are built right into your email, the center of where you spend your day. The result is you and your team drastically reduce the amount of time spent in the inbox, and spend more time working on the things that move your business forward.

Contatta - The Only Collaborative Email for Business
Bring Collaboration to Your Inbox - Email for Teams

Bring Collaboration to Your Inbox

Unlike traditional email, Contatta’s intelligent inbox organizes and prioritizes messages based on your relationships, so you decide what to focus on. Now you can keep your inbox free of clutter, by sharing emails for collaborative discussions without having to forward or reply all.

Keep Your Team in Sync - Shared Contacts, Tasks and Files

Keep Your Team in Sync

Gone are the days of your team struggling to be on the same page. Contatta automatically connects the dots between all your conversations, contacts, tasks and files. Everything syncs, so your entire team has complete visibility and the context needed to make the best business decisions.

Email Less, Collaborate More - Collaborative Workrooms

Email Less, Collaborate More

Workrooms take the conversation to places email alone never could. Discuss ideas, add comments and share files with individuals, a team or an entire department. Create workrooms for team meetings, tasks and on-going discussions.

I've tried everything. For my company, Contatta is a no-brainer.

— Gil Cargill, CEO, Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.


Contatta's Story

"Three guys walk into a bakery…"

Okay, stop us if you’ve heard this one. Three guys walk into a bakery. Combined they have nearly 60 years of CRM and contact management experience. One of them even created the CRM category. Here’s the punchline: They were all there because not one of them was currently using the software they helped build.

Like every other businessperson on the planet, they were spending the majority of their day in email—and frustrated by how inefficient email had become.

They had all come to the realization that while the way they worked had changed in the last 20 years, email had not. That’s the day they reimagined what email could be. Two years later, collaborative email has been unveiled: email that is simple, highly collaborative and built to help your team spend less time in the inbox.

  • Act!
    Pat Sullivan co-creates ACT!™
    ACT! is a trademark of Swiftpage.
  • Ernst and Young
    Pat Sullivan named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • SalesLogix
    Pat founds SalesLogix™.
    SalesLogix is a trademark of Swiftpage.
  • SalesLogix
    SalesLogix is #1 Mid-Market Sales Force Automation software worldwide.
  • Sales and Marketing Management Magazine
    Sales and Marketing Management Magazine Pat named one of the “80 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing” by Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year - again
    Pat named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, again.
  • Sage Group
    SalesLogix and ACT! acquired by The Sage Group PLC.
  • Contatta logo
    Pat Sullivan, Adam Ross and Patrick Sullivan, Jr. meet to discuss how to solve communication overload. Contatta is conceived.
  • Contatta funding
    $3.15M raised in seed round.
  • code
    Development of commercial product begins.
  • Contatta funding
    $3.25M Series A Funding.
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It truly changes everything.

— Kim Halmekangas, Chief Marketologist, DNA Marketing



Pat Sullivan, Co-Founder and CEO

Heralded as one of the "80 Most Influential People in Sales and Marketing History", among Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Jack Welch and Bill Gates by Sales and Marketing Management, Pat Sullivan was also twice named Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" for both ACT! and SalesLogix.

Before he was the Godfather of CRM, Pat Sullivan was a salesman. That may explain why after he became Co-Founder and CEO of ACT!, over 6 million salespeople paid for it out of their own pockets.

Following ACT!'s purchase by Symantec, he founded SalesLogix in 1995 and led its revenue growth to $108 million, successful IPO and repurchase of ACT!.

Pat has served as a board member for multiple tech companies, and is currently working on revolutionizing the way business makes contact with the launch of Contatta.

Read Pat's full bio.

Adam Ross, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Prior to Contatta, Adam Ross was the SVP of Sales and Business Development at Infusionsoft, where he oversaw business development, indirect and direct sales teams along with the customer success teams.

He has also served as Channel Chief for NetSuite, National Sales Director for Sage Software's CRM division, and was one of the first members of the SalesLogix staff.

Adam believes great customers are what make great companies. And to get great customers, you have to have a great product, marketing and customer success team.

Read Adam’s full bio.

Patrick Sullivan Jr., Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Part designer, part serial entrepreneur and more than a little kick-ass guitarist, Patrick Sullivan Jr. isn’t just a Renaissance man who was born to design – he was born to design software. And that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

Prior to Contatta, Patrick was the founder of Obedient Software, co-founder of Jigsaw Health, and a Product Designer/Product Manager for Infusionsoft.

Another veteran of SalesLogix, Patrick also served as Account Manager and Sr. Sales Engineer, ultimately becoming Sr. Product Manager.

When he’s not designing, you can find Patrick shredding in his band, Sapphire Sky.

Read Patrick's full bio.

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Contatta is Setting the World Abuzz

I don’t know how many times I said, ‘I’ve never seen a computer do that’ during the Contatta demo. Several. And I’ve been writing about this industry since 1983.

— Kathy Yakal
PC Magazine

Contatta brings everything together in one place. Brilliant!

— Kim Eslinger
VP Finance & Administration
Customer FX

Contatta brings email together with contact, collaboration, and group communication tools into one central place to build smarter organizations.

— Erick Schonfeld
Executive Producer

Contatta completely transforms our ability to stay closely connected to customers and with our team, and helps us be more productive every day by focusing our time on high-value activities.

We can now manage contacts, email, to-do lists and social media from one simple interface. It truly changes everything.

— Kim Halmekangas
Chief Marketologist
DNA Marketing

Our jaw dropped when we saw Contatta and the way it's designed. Contatta has built all of the modern features that we need into the core product. It is quite simply the best of email, task management and collaboration in one powerful platform

— Chris Lee
Managing Director
Customer Systems

Contatta is revolutionizing WireBuzz’s workflow. We’ve always needed multiple browser windows, tabs and programs running to do our jobs. Now we can perform those functions seamlessly inside one program and our employees love the integration.

—Todd Hartley

The tools Contatta presents via its fresh architecture creates an environment that any client facing functional team will want to live in. Contatta not only optimizes getting things done, it improves client satisfaction while closing more business.

— Bruce Steele

Salespeople – and all business people – suffer from software that doesn't meet their needs. Contatta puts all of your communication in one place. It's fast, responsive and intuitive. Contatta is the first of its kind with the potential to go viral. Fast!

— Rich Bohn
CRM analyst

I've tried everything. For my company, Contatta is a no-brainer.

Gil Cargill
Cargill Consulting Group, Inc.

Contatta has cracked the code on full customer relationship. I can't believe how it brings everything together into one solution so elegantly.

— Jeremy Bikman

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Our jaw dropped when we saw Contatta...

— Chris Lee, Managing Director, Customer Systems